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Engine diagram

Anyway, if you now head on over to you'll find, though a series of links, a page about 737 engines written by the people who maintain and fly the planes. Whatever else you may learn, you'll notice just how excited they seem by the whole thing...
"The core engine (N2) is governed by the MEC & PMC, whereas the fan (N1) is a free turbine. The advantages of this include: minimized inter-stage bleeding, fewer stalls or surges and an increased compression ratio without decreasing efficiency!"
Cool, init? Without decreasing efficiency! (What's a MEC? - Ed.) They've also got a diagram:

CFM56-3 Cutaway diagram

First thing you'll notice is that some of the nouns are missing; fill in the blanks:

The second thing to notice is "Elliptical spinner for improved hail/rain ingestion" - maybe my little suggestion that CFM56-3's need water isn't so far fetched after all? (It's noticeably quiet about how elliptical spinners can help with elk ingestion (or indigestion, even). Maybe they can't? Maybe CFM56-3's are vegetarian? Who knows?)

The other thing you'll notice, especially if you continue down the page is the difference between my diagram, their diagram (above) and the actual picture of the engine's internal organs. (Labelled "The left hand side of the CFM56-3" - at least the pilots and maintenance engineers know what the d*mn things are called.) Does either diagram have a starter? A start air manifold? A CSD? Nope...

Onwards to the 737-300 engine, part III.

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